ASCI315 Week 8 Embry Riddle University Survival Factors in The Aviation Industry Based on the course resources, Virtual Crash Lab evidence collection, your

ASCI315 Week 8 Embry Riddle University Survival Factors in The Aviation Industry Based on the course resources, Virtual Crash Lab evidence collection, your personal research, etc., on the topic of the field investigation of Survival Factors, post and discuss with peers one example artifact you will or are considering incorporating into your final portfolio, which demonstrates evidence of your critical thought, acumen, and application on the topics.The intent of this collegial dialogue goes beyond faculty feedback and vectors, to gaining and sharing other perspectives on higher order learning objectives specific to the four subject-specific investigative techniques and applications. Regardless of whether your exploration this week is specific to human factors, survivability, systems or structures, the overarching objectives is to demonstrate achievement of two primary aspects of the specific topic you cover each week: subject-specific investigative tools and techniques and the influence of accident investigation findings and recommendations specific to the topic you explored this week, on aviation safety. As you post your exemplar, note that your peers will be posting on and discussing any of the four topic areas this week, depending on the order of topics they chose in Part II, but that they too are focusing on investigative tools and techniques and the influence to aviation safety, for their specific topic. This gives each of you the opportunity to be exposed to varying perspectives and artifact examples, on all four subject areas, every week.APA format 500 words. Running head: HEALTHCARE SYSTEM INFLUENCES
Healthcare System Influenes
Elizabeth Planas
Florida National University
NUR 4636 – Community Health Nursing
Prof. Eddie Cruz, RN MSN
September 18th, 2019
Question 1
Due to the influence and change of health care policy, nurses see themselves as very
influential professionals. The power of nursing has influenced change in health policy in many
ways which includes; focusing on the population health of the people in united states, providing
safety treatment and care, providing primary care and palliative care, having care coordination and
involving inpatient and family engagement (Kaakinen, Coehlo, and Robinson, 2018). This is
because they can take responsibility of the current health care delivery systems. Their profession
is only based on caring the patients at all angle. The new policy operates in a framework of seeking
holistic approach and also seeking to improve the health care delivery in all health systems achieve
its objectives, it should integrate appropriate standards needed for delivery in care. Moreover,
through the work of policy, nurses are required to practices standards of quality in all dimensions.
Those who influence policy, help shape the health care delivery in the future. Moreover, the
development of policies in healthcare impacts resource allocation in all areas to support good
delivery of care. Also, the policy enables nurses in all health care setting to formulate the policy.
This is achieved by being organized in their work hence improving the quality of health care.
Question 2
The current health care policy is a public health policy that faces some issues which include
lack of coordination in access to health care, have many disparities in the health care delivery,
challenges in the information technology and lack of managed care (Green and Thorogood, 2017).
This was accredited by the joint commission. Its main aim was to plan for health plan effectiveness
in countries like the United States of America. It requires to serve all people not only those with
public health profession. Moreover, it is concerned with the health of the population and makes
ensures that people are living in a healthy environment. The policy is organized in federal state
and local levels. Public health care policy faces some issues which include; unstable managed care,
issues in the information technology, consumer advocacy rights are not well taken off, there is no
good coordination in the health care and faces high disparity in the health care delivery.
Question 3
In the United States, all government levels that are federal, state and local have the
responsibility to create an environment where individuals are receiving better medical care. For
the federal and local levels of government to strive well in healthcare, they need to be supported
strongly by the government public health agencies. Federal and local state communicate with the
political leaders so that quality care can be achieved in those levels. The federal government has
the responsibility to regulate hazardous activities and also financing health care services. They
both achieve their roles through the Medicaid and Medicare programs. The two levels have major
units which help them, in coordination. This includes; department of health and human services,
health care financing unit and food and nutrition services which are in the department t of
Question 4
Access to health care services in some of the communities is influenced by the home
environment. In most of the cultures, the healthcare providers may be fear to interact with people
because they may cause crime and also most of these individuals to face discrimination. To ensure
fairness in the government, the government organizes small markets in which their ultimate goal
is everyone in the community must receive quality health care (Acharya, Maru, and Schwarz,
2017). This means access to health care facilities differs with the community. Moreover, religion
factor may also affect because of some beliefs are possessed by the community people. Having
cultural component in families makes them difficult to accommodate the health care services due
to the beliefs they possess. In some areas even the political aspects influence their health because
government concentrate in development than the others. The influence of religion, economic,
social-cultural and other environmental factors have associated many changes in the delivery and
also practice in health care. These factors have promoted equal medical treatment offered in all
areas, they have also enhanced cultural diversity in many areas and promoted unity between
individuals (Valadez, 2018).
Acharya, B., Maru, D., Schwarz, (2017). Partnerships in mental healthcare service
delivery in low-resource settings: developing an innovative network in rural
Nepal. Globalization and health, 13(1), 2.
Green, J., & Thorogood, N. (2017). Analysing health policy: A sociological approach.
Kaakinen, J. R., Coehlo & Robinson, M. (2018). Family health care nursing: Theory,
practice, and research. FA Davis.
Valadez, J. (2018). Deliberative Democracy, Political Legitimacy, And Selfdetermination In Multi-cultural Societies. Routledge.
Running head: DISCUSSION WEEK 3
Taymir Torres
Community Nursing
Florida National University
Instructor: Eddie Cruz, RN MSN
Sep 17, 2019
1. Structure of the government and the policy development process
2. Processes involved in establishing federal healthcare policies
3. The organization of the public healthcare subsystem at the state, and local
4. Factors that influence the cost of medical care
Political regime United States: The United States is a federal presidential
republic. The Federal Parliament is formed by the House of Representatives (435),
whose members are appointed for a period of 2 years, and the Senate (100 senators
elected for six years), which are renewed by thirds every two years. The Federal
Republic is made up of 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, and includes a series of
territorial units in the Pacific Ocean and the West Indies, as well as the Commonwealth
of Puerto Rico (Irani, 2018) .
Public policies are specific solutions for how to handle public affairs. They part
with the public agenda. They are usually a second-best regarding an optimal strategy in
the substantive. Development policies (public policies) allow guiding the management of
a government to achieve its objectives (Irani, 2018).
It is possible to differentiate between types of policies, those that achieve their
ends through public services (and require substantial bureaucratic resources in terms of
people and money) and those that make their ends through regulation and the tax
system and require fewer means (Irani, 2018).
The establishing of public policies begins with problem identification, definition of
relevant objectives and goals; Search for alternatives: examine all alternative solutions
for achievement of goals and analyze all possible consequences for each alternative of
policy with its probability of occurrence; Compare alternatives with previously defined
objectives and goals and choose solution whose results provide greater scope of
objectives, greater benefits with equal costs or lower costs with equal benefits;
Definition, evaluation, approval or rejection of policy options; A process of technicalpolitical articulation (desirable and possible) of a character competitive; discussion and
interaction stage with relevant actors; Selection of a solution to the problem: design of
public policy; And resource allocation ( ).
The American health system is one of the most advanced in the world in terms of
dispersion, technology and vocational training. We can find clinics and hospitals
everywhere, even in rural areas and more remote areas of the country. Most of these
hospitals are private, although it has subsidies from local and state governments. In
other cases they appear as “non-profit associations”, despite being affiliated with large
medical corporations. The health centers have high-tech equipment, medicines and
professional staff with high levels of training. US system as the 1st in response capacity,
but 37th in global response. In 2014, three times more money was invested in
biomedical research than any country (Apostle, 2017).
The United States health system is mixed, with public and private health
insurance. What sets it apart is the predominance of the private sector over the public
and the lack of universal health coverage. In 2016, 49% of the US population received
private medical insurance through their employer, 5% had independent health
insurance, 13% were covered under the Medicare program, 18% under Medicaid and
16 % did not have any health insurance, leaving 50 million people without coverage.
Given the high health costs in the United States, most people without coverage cannot
afford the most expensive treatments, so they must do without putting their lives and
well-being at risk, or having access to other forms of care (self-medication,
curanderismo, professionals without a license) (Apostle, 2017).
Having more money does not automatically produce more and better health for
everyone. The gap between resources and results lies in the way in which the former
must become the latter. Behind this possible failure, many causes appear, which cannot
be resolved by increasing expenses but require finding the points where things are not
being done as they should (Apostle, 2017) .
The real thing is that health costs and their growth, have a multicausal origin, like
any health problem, which manifests itself in different ways and different combinations,
depending on the country, the time, the epidemiological situation, health policies or
economic development. It must be understood then that the same cause maybe just in
a particular situation and the other quite the opposite. It is reasonable if it is about
constructing health policies, reformulating the health model, reorganizing care, reducing
costs or facing crisis problems, it is not about going directly to expand or minimize
budgets but identify what the most significant causes are, what they represent and that
contribute or not to the objectives that are intended (Apostle, 2017).
Apostle, D. (2017). Factors That Influence the Publics View of Medical Care. JAMA: The
Journal of the American Medical Association, 202(7), 592. doi:
Capron, A. M. (2015). How Can Hospital Futility Policies Contribute to Establishing
Standards of Practice? Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, 9(4), 524–531. doi:
Irani, Z. (2018). Transforming government: people, process, and policy. Transforming
Government: People, Process and Policy, 7(4). doi: 10.1108/tg-08-2013-0026

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