BHR 3352 PU Walmart Human Resource Management Pre Term & Full Term Paper I need the pre term paper by Saturday. The directions for it is below. I will atta

BHR 3352 PU Walmart Human Resource Management Pre Term & Full Term Paper I need the pre term paper by Saturday. The directions for it is below. I will attach a sample term paper for you to follow for the full term paper. You must choose the organization that you want to write about. I need the full term paper by Tuesday.

Students are expected to complete an introduction paper based on the organization chosen for the final term paper. The paper will consist of key elements of the final paper, but is a paper on its own.

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BHR 3352 PU Walmart Human Resource Management Pre Term & Full Term Paper I need the pre term paper by Saturday. The directions for it is below. I will atta
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Assignment deliverable: A 1-3-page paper that includes the following:

Overview of the Organization
Overview of the Organization’s Mission linked to Competitive Advantage
Structure and Formatting

The paper must be in APA format and include at least two (2) sources.

ULO#1: Describe some of the actions and attitudes that define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
ULO#2: Compare and describe the perception and treatment of learning in a learning organization with those in a traditional organization.
ULO#3: Explain key organizational considerations in the development of an industry competitive advantage.
ULO#4: Articulate a “Business Case” for HR Management. Running head: DUNCAN AND SONS
Duncan and Sons Lines Staffing Model
Student Name
Park University
Duncan and Sons Lines Staffing Model
Understanding the organizational staffing and planning at Duncan and Son Lines (DSL)
is essential to understanding the accelerated growth they have enjoyed in a market that is
extremely completive. Utilizing organizational staffing and applying it to key DSL employees
has led to their continued growth and success. This paper will breakdown the staffing
organization model used at DSL by covering the organization, their vision, mission, purpose and
core values. It will also detail the organizational and staffing strategies to include staffing
policies and retention management. The following summary will show how DSL has become the
leading shipping container carrier in the Southwest.
It is extremely important for firms to bridge staffing and planning in order to become a
successful organization. DSL cannot be effective without incorporating a process of hiring the
right drivers with the right qualifications and putting them into world class equipment that meets
the needs of their customers. It is important to understand what an organization wants to achieve.
They do this by a staffing process that incorporates the organizations overall strategy. Simply
put, “organizational strategy is a dynamic long-term plan that maps the route towards the
realization of a company’s goals and vision” (Pearson, n.d., para. 2).
Duncan and Son Lines is a fourth generation, family owned business that began as a local
pick-up and delivery service for Buckeye, Az area farmers. It has grown into a logistics firm
focused primarily on international container drayage to and from the ports of Long Beach and
Los Angeles. In business since 1943, DSL has established a track record of reliability and
sustainability. DSL currently operates a fleet of over 260 late model trucks with a commitment to
the latest clean emission and safety technologies (“Duncan and Son Lines,” n.d.).
DSL has enjoyed growth and success by adapting to the increasingly changing workforce
and their customers. The global market has established that it requires flexibility of options for
product delivery at a competitive price. Duncan has responded with a workforce to create
effective teams in order to compete globally. Understanding and managing individual
performance is key to DSL’s success. Simply put, DSL cannot make money if it does not have a
reliable force of qualified drivers.
Vision, Mission, and Purpose
DSL’s systematic growth and long-standing reputation as a leading shipping container
carrier has created unique opportunities for their customers and drivers. The values and
behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization,
include an organization’s expectations, experiences, and philosophy. The values that hold it
together, which are expressed in its self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside
world create future expectations. It is based on shared attitudes, beliefs, customs, written and
unwritten rules that have been developed over time and are considered valid (“Organizational
Culture,” n.d.). DSL has established a customer-service culture that establishes an attitude that is
reflected in all employees that the customer comes first, and they will never say no in order to
satisfy customer needs in a timely and safe manor. This is evident in DSL’s Vision and Core
Values statements. Their vision is striving for and to provide superior logistics service offerings
and information management to ensure Duncan and Son Lines continuously remains the trusted
partner for our growing customer base. The mission is to execute world-class logistics services to
give their customers a competitive edge through their commitment to safety, technology, and
entrepreneurial spirit. Finally, the DSL’s purpose is to deliver exceptional supply chain support
services to customers while balancing the need for sustained profitability with the need to
provide quality of life for their employees.
Core Values
DSL furthers their commitment to organizational excellence by their need to provide a
great quality of life to their employees through their Core Values. First, DSL’s has made a firm
commitment to their Investment in Safety. DSL recognizes that safety is an investment, not just a
cost. Their focus is to provide a safe and secure work environment for themselves and for those
they interact with on a daily basis. The second aspect of the core values is Complete Customer
Focus. DSL will listen to their customers’ needs and provide top level service in a timely manner
for a reasonable return on investment. They also focus on having a Total Employee
Commitment, by showing their fellow employees that they are committed to them through
empowerment. DSL sees everyone as internal customer who deserve world-class service, by
treating one another with professionalism and respect at all times. Finally, Operational
Excellence. DSL will share a passion for continuous improvement of their internal processes and
procedures. They will strive to continuously improve their operations through consistent training
and development, process review, technology, and teamwork. DSL ensures efforts will result in
operations which are effective and efficient (“Vision and core values,” n.d.).
Organization Strategy
The direction a company’s strategy takes comes from the top tier of management, and
lower management adopts these goals and plans to meet the organization’s overall strategy.
DSL’s organizations strategy is based on the company’s mission and why they are in business in
the first place, thereby guiding the company’s strategic decisions. The Vision describes what the
company’s future direction will be and how it will have achieved its mission. This is how an
organization is able to describe what the companies long term goals will be and what the
organization’s strategy will be (Johnson, 2019).
Organizational strategy is the most important part of the planning process. When staffing
strategically, it is important for DSL to identity and address all areas of staffing. This is to
include recruiting, hiring, promotions, transfers, attrition and retention. For DSL, the primary
focus on staffing is with drivers. The trucking industry is faced with a shortage of qualified
drivers and DSL can only grow as fast they can put drivers in trucks. Without drivers, the
company can’t continually grow at a rate in which the market can support. It is important to
understand that DSL’s organizational goals are constantly changing with an eye on the future,
which will require a close relationship with human resources. It is their responsibility to hire the
right number of people with the needed KSAO’s (knowledge, skill, ability, and other
characteristics) to fill shortages in certain jobs or to identify the required staffing for new
positions (Heneman III, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2019, p. 94).
Staffing Strategy
The Driver staffing strategy is very simple for most trucking companies. It is no different
at DSL. With that in mind, drivers are the most important element of a successful trucking
company and compensation is key to maintaining a force of qualified and dependable drivers.
They will receive several lucrative bonuses in order for Duncan to stay completive in a job
market that has a shortage of CDL qualified personnel. Another key hiring strategy is to ensure
drivers will always be no more than a day’s trip from home. Duncan can accomplish this because
the ports of Los Beach are open for specific hours Monday through Friday, so drivers often get
time off on the weekends.
Setting the baseline for paying truckers in the trucking industry is also an essential
element for the success of any company that relies on trucking. It also plays an important role in
the staffing strategy. Truckers want to feel like they are receiving a pay that is fair and
competitive with other companies that employ within the local economy. To effectively recruit
and retain truckers, DSL must have and establish an external competitiveness, where truckers
feel like their pay relationship is positioned against our competitors (Newman, Gerhart, &
Milkovich, 2017), fairly based on performance, skills and other job requirements. So, recruiting
and retention is at the heart of DSL’s success. There isn’t a trucking company that escapes the
issues associated with high turnover rates. DSL frequently experiences turnover rates where they
see drivers leave as fast as they are recruiting them (B. Galin, personal communication, July 23,
2019), therefore DSL is focusing their efforts on retention as opposed to just recruiting.
Staffing policies and Programs
Drivers must have a minimum of 2 years of commercial trucking experience
accompanied with a valid Commercial driver’s license (CDL). Once prospective drivers pass a
background check all drivers will be required to attain a Transportation Worker Identification
Credential (TWIC) card. This is required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act for
workers who need access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime facilities and vessels. Drivers
are required to keep a schedule that will require them to maintain routes from Phoenix to the
ports in Long Beach California.
For the most part, drivers leave their present company for two main reasons: pay and time
away from home. The pay part of the equation is simple and very transactional; DSL is
continuously increasing pay, and offering more incentive programs in order to stay competitive.
The time at home part of the equation comes in the form of incorporating company policies that
ensure that drivers are home on the weekends. Duncan also does this by not force dispatching, a
term used that refers to a driver having the option of refusing load assignments that may keep
them out of town. It is these same factors that can keep drivers with DSL and can helps attract
new drivers to. One of Duncan’s best recruiting tools is utilizing and understanding the
importance of word-of-mouth referrals of our current drivers.
Duncan has a simple pay model used as part of their strategic compensation system that
helps in the retention and recruiting of drivers. The following points reflect the organizations
strategy towards staffing and retaining qualified drivers.
Objectives: Compensation Duncan drivers will support their commitment to
increasing the volume of international shipping containers and increase Duncan’s
growth as the number one drayage company from Phoenix to and from the ports
of Long Beach and Los Angeles.
Recruiting: DSL operates a fleet of over 260 drivers with a commitment to pull
shipping containers and deliver them in a timely manner stipulated by the
customer. DSL makes it a point to make truck driver wages among the best in the
industry. New and experienced truck drivers can expect to make over $60,000
their first year with Duncan and Son. The hardest working and longest tenured
CDL drivers that maximize their efforts are bringing in annual earnings of over
$90,000. Drivers who have been with the company for 90 days are automatically
enrolled in a standard 401k model, at the rate of 3% of their gross income. At the
same time, the company automatically contributes the equivalent of 1.5% of their
gross income into the same account. For any driver that contributes 4% or more of
their gross income, DSL will automatically contribute the equivalent of 2% of
their gross income (not to exceed to the max of $1,500 per year) to the same
account. Drivers then become fully vested in six years (20% per year becomes the
employee’s money). All drivers will begin at 45 cents per mile and will receive an
additional penny on every year anniversary.
External Competitiveness: DSL offers a very competitive per mile pay rate but
offers several other components to the compensation package. All drivers will
receive a $200.00 bonus when they complete onboarding by reaching their 30th
day of employment. An addition $1000 bonus when they receive their TWIC card
and are port trained, this will be accompanied by an additional cent per mile. In
addition, drivers will earn extra pay for entering/leaving the port, for live
loading/unloading, any detention time spent at the customer, and for the
transportation of hazardous goods. We also reward drivers with a $1,000 bonus at
every anniversary of their employment. Drivers can also earn per diem, holiday
pay, earn four weeks of vacation per year, five paid sick days and earn quarterly
safety bonuses.
Employee Contributions: This is based on individual contributions to the
company. DSL values the time that drivers put into the company and the amount
of time that they spend away from home. Drivers can also receive a productivity
bonus for exceeding 9,000 miles in a calendar month at 5 cents a mile (“Truck
driving benefits,” 2019).
Retention: DSL wants to make a long-term commitment to their drivers by paying
them for longevity and a commitment to the company. Duncan wants to provide a
high level of job security to encourage a lower turnover rate than the industry
average. Duncan does not need drivers to be innovative, but they do provide
unique bonuses based on performance.
Long term retention disadvantages: As Duncan becomes more successful at
retaining drivers, the cost of DSL’s aging driver base will increase and put a
burden on the company if the economy faces a downturn.
Management: It is very important for Duncan management to be open and
transparent with their compensation strategy. DSL wants drivers to have a clear
choice to who they are going to provide their services to. The competition in
trucking is fierce, so there is no reason to hide the terms of DSL’s total
compensation package. Duncan also places a high value on drivers recognizing
this and utilizing word-of-mouth referrals to help our recruiting efforts.
Duncan and Son Lines has come a long way during their 75-year history. There is no
reason to believe that they won’t see continued growth to achieve their organizational goals.
Staffing will continue to be a problem due to the competition and hiring practices of other freight
carriers. However, adopting aggressive recruitment and retention policies will ensure that they
remain competitive to meet future driver shortfalls.
Duncan & Son Lines is the leading container hauler in the southwest. (n.d.). Retrieved from

About Duncan & Son Lines

Heneman III, H. G., Judge, T. A., & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D. (2019). Planning. In Staffing
Organizations (9th ed., pp. 379-381). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.
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