BIOL 1101 Idaho State University Underpass Use by Wildlife Research Paper This Is an article assignment that will ask fairly direct questions that can be f

BIOL 1101 Idaho State University Underpass Use by Wildlife Research Paper This Is an article assignment that will ask fairly direct questions that can be found in an article that I will send you after you accept. df
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Page view A) Read a
Biol 1101L
Journal Article Assignment #2
A. Directions
You will be required to read another journal article (assigned by your instructor) and answer questions about the
artide. The article must describe an experimental study done by the authors, NOT a review/ note / comment.
UFormat of assignment:
First page (top, right corner) should include 1) your name, 2) course #, and 3) section #
Question & answer – question written out (with Q#) followed by the answer in full sentences and paragraph
• Times New Roman 12 pt font
. 1 inch margins
Reference List on last page
Format of the Reference List:
. All lines after the first line of each entry in your reference list should be indented / inch from the left margin. This
is called hanging indentation.
Authors’ names are inverted (last name first); give the last name and initials for all authors of a particular work
for up to and including seven authors. If the work has more than seven authors, list the first six authors and then
use ellipses after the sixth author’s name. After the ellipses, list the last author’s name of the work.
Reference list entries should be alphabetized by the last name of the first author of each work.
• All citations in the list need to follow the specific format found in Section B: Referencing/Citing.
JAA-2 must be uploaded to Moodle by April 16th. DO NOT wait until the last hour to upload as it may take more
time than you think it will. To complete the JAA use the following:
• This assignment sheet
• Lab 1 task sheet
• Graded JAA-1
• Information in the “How to Read a Scientific Paper” folder on Moodle
• Rubric (page 4)
• Lab syllabus
Read the paper. Please see the folder (How to Read a Scientific Paper) on Moodle.
0 Answer questions 1-6 concisely, thoughtfully, and in complete sentences and paragraph form. Remember
that your audience does not include experts. You will not understand many, if not most of the terms and acronyms
in the articles: look them up, and then use the definition in your answer. When looking up the definitions make sure
you cite your resources. You must USE YOUR OWN WORDS, no quoting. Be sure to check your spelling and
grammar. Then make sure you have completed questions 7-8.
1. What is the species name of the model/study organism? If the study is looking at human disease
choose the disease causing organism. If the study is on some aspect of human physiology or
anatomy, the model organism is a human. You may need to find this information using another
resource. At least 1 sentence.
✓ The species name is ALWAYS italicized.
The species name is ALWAYS binomial (consisting of two words):
• genus name (also known as generic name)
• specific name (also known as specific epithet or trivial name)
Always has the first word but not the second word capitalized, .
Ex 1: The North American Elk species scientific name is Cervus canadensis.
You only have to write out the species scientific name in full when you first introduce it
after that you can abbreviate it.
о /
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ED Page view
Biol 1101L
Joumal Article Assignment #2
Ex. 2: The North American Elk, Cervus canadensis, is one of the largest species in the Cervidae
family. Although C. canadensis is one of the largest mammals found in North American it has a rela-
tively short life span of 13 years.
2. Intellectual merit and broader impact: A) Why did the authors feel this research was important
enough to spend time and money doing it? B) Is there an economical, environmental, medical,
health, or a combination of reasons that makes this research valuable? At least 8 sentences.
3. What is the major question and/or hypothesis studied in the journal article? At least 2 sentence.
A hypothesis is a tentative statement that proposes a possible explanation to the question and states
a generalized relationship between two variables. Scientists use their knowledge of past events to
develop a general principle or explanation to help predict future events. The general principle is called
a hypothesis. The type of reasoning involved is called inductive reasoning (deriving a generalization
from specific details). To be useful, a hypothesis must be..
Concrete: Based on defined variables.
Testable: Procedures must be available to test it.
Falsifiable: Able to be refuted.
4. Sampling for the study: At least 9 sentences.
A Where did they sample?
B. How did they sample?
C. Number of samples taken?
Scientific data consist of empirical observations (e.g., measurements) from variables. Data are ob-
served and recorded for entities called experimental units (EUs) or sampling units. To acquire data
concerning plant height (a variable) we measure the heights of individual plants (EUs). Human EUs
are generally called subjects. An EU can be measured with respect to one or many variables, and can
be measured at one or at many points in time.
5. Choose one experiment from the study:
A Describe the experiment. At least 9 sentences.
B. What are the predictor and response variables for this experiment? At least 1 sentence.
C. What evidence did the experiment produce? At least 9 sentences.
D. Describe how the evidence supported/answered the major hypothesis/question? At least 9
When hypotheses and predictions are created the variables under study need to be determined. A
simplified description of variables is as follows; predictor variable (causes or affects the response
variable) and response variable (influenced by the predictor variable). As the name suggests, a pre
dictor variable is the variable that serves as the basis on which the predictions are made. Predicto
variables are also known as explanatory or independent variables; are denoted by an X and are shown
on the horizontal x-axis. The response variable is the variable whose value we want to predict and
whose variance we want to explain and account for. Response variables are also known as depen
dent variables; are denoted by a Y and are shown on the vertical y-axis. Both variables can be eithe
categorical (categories have no numeric meaning: for example you can group individuals as male o
female) or quantitative. Quantitative variables can be further divided into continuous (Infinite numbe
of values between two points) or discrete (a finite number of values between two given points)
6. What was the major conclusion of the study? At least 6 sentences.
7. Cite your resources in the body of your answers excluding the article under study. You must cite
ALL your resources in the correct format.
8. The last page must be a Reference List that lists the article under study as well as ALL other
resources. If you do not list all your resources and you do not use the correct format you will lose
ALL points possible. See below!
+ V
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LA Page view
Biol 1101L
Journal Article Assignment #2
B: Referencing/Citing
Referencing or citing your sources is an important part of academic writing. It lets you acknowledge another au-
thor’s work and helps you avoid plagiarism. Citing information allows your readers to value your writing because
it shows that you have studied the relevant background literature which provides you with some level of authority.
In your Reference List include: 1) the journal article under study, 2) all the resources you used to understand the
artide, and 3) where you found the scientific species name of the study organism from the article.
Article from a Scientific Joumal:
Present the journal title in full and maintain the punctuation and capitalization that is used by the journal in its
Most of the journals you will be using are organized by volume AND issue; include BOTH in your citation
✓ Include the Digital Object Identifier (DOT). If the article does not have a DOI include the URL instead
• Author, A. A, Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year). Title of article. Title of Joumal, volume
number(issue number), pages.
• The in-text citation format would be (Author, Author, & Author, Year). In subsequent citations, only use the first
author’s last name followed by “et al.” (Author et al., Year).
Books with and without editions:
• Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Location:
– The in-text citation format would be (Author, Year). In subsequent citations, only use the first author’s last name
followed by “et al.” (Author et al., Year).
• Brooker, R., Widmaier, E.P., Graham, L. E., & Stiling, P.D. (2014). Biology (3rd ed.). New
York, NY: The McGraw Hill Companies.
• The in-text citation format would be (Brooker, Widmaier, Graham, & Stiling, 2014). In subsequent citations, only
use the first author’s last name followed by “et al.” (Brooker et al., 2014).
Lab manual:
– Fultz, J.E. (2014). Major Concepts in Biology / Laboratory Manual. Lab 2: Acids & Bases
(pages 2-1 to 2-8) (Unpublished). Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID. OR
• Fultz, J.E. (2014). Major Concepts in Biology I Laboratory Manual. (Unpublished). Idaho
State University, Pocatello, ID.
– The in-text citation format would be (Fultz, 2014).
Lecture or Lab Notes:
✓ Course lecture notes taken by a student are considered ‘personal communication’ as they are unpublished
and non-retrievable’. For this reason, they are only cited within the text and not included in the Reference List. For
example, lecture notes taken for a lecture given by Professor C. Black:
It is reported that … (Professor C. Black, personal communication, May 5, 2015)
Power point notes are in a format that can be retrieved and need to be treated more formally.
Black, C. (2015). Fermentation and respiration PowerPoint slides]
Retrieved from
• The in-text citation format would be (Black, 2015)
Online Dictionary or Encyclopedia:
– Feminism. (n.d). In Encyclopædia Britannica online. Retrieved from
– The in-text citation format would be (Encyclopædia Britannica online, n.d.).
✓ You can use wikis only when looking up the scientific name of an organism or the definition of a term. All other
references should be from journal articles or .edu/.org sites
• Pocatello, Idaho. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved March 7, 2014, from
• The in-text citation format would be (“Pocatello,” 2014).

x + V
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D Page view A
Journal Article Assignment #2
Biol 1101L
C: Instructor Assigned JAA-2
You will open the JAA-2 forum in which your instructor has assigned each student an article.
Download, save to your computer, AND/OR print the article.
Skim the article. Make sure it is an experimental/observational study with methods and results sections.
Article information: Year:
Volume Issue:
Journal Title:
Article Title:
JAA-2 must be uploaded to Moodle by April 16th. DO NOT wait until the last hour to upload as it may take
more time than you think it will.
Possible Acquired
JAA #2 Rubric:
Uploaded to Moodle.
Correct Q & A formatting (Do not accept if incorrect)
Study organism.
2. Intellectual merit and broader impact
3. Major question /hypothesis studied in the article
4. Sampling
A Where did they sample.
B. How did they sample.
C. Number of samples taken.
One Experiment
A Describe.
B. Variables
C. Evidence.
D. Support
One major conclusion
In-text citations
References List

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