DePaul University Master Degree in Accountancy Personal Statement Admission Essay This admission essay is apply for the graduate program of accountancy(MS)

DePaul University Master Degree in Accountancy Personal Statement Admission Essay This admission essay is apply for the graduate program of accountancy(MS)- DePaul University-Kellstadt Graduate School of Business

Got an undergraduate degree in Finance, and after graduated, have been working as an accounting intern at accounting firm.

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DePaul University Master Degree in Accountancy Personal Statement Admission Essay This admission essay is apply for the graduate program of accountancy(MS)
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Now wanna transition into professional accounting. Questions Lists
Novel: A House in the Sky
Please read the novel and answer the following questions.
I. Please begin your report with two-paragraph summary of the book.
II. Then, answer the following questions. Your answer for each question has to be at
least four sentences.
1. Amanda identifies herself as a traveler, an identity born out of her childhood obsession
with National Geographic. Why do you think National Geographic had such a large impact
on her? What led Amanda to make the leap into someone whose life revolved around her
2. Amanda’s first trip, to South America, initially disappoints her because Caracas doesn’t
“feel foreign”. What does this demonstrate about the different ways people travel? As she
leaves Caracas and ventures into the kind of journey she’ll come to crave, what changes for
3. Amanda had no previous background in journalism. However, she was able to work in
locations around the world. What allowed for her to do this?
4. What types of obstacles as a female reporter and traveler did Amanda experience
throughout the book?
5. On page 67, Amanda quotes Paul Theroux’s Dark Star Safari, “All news out of Africa is
bad. It made me want to go there…” Both Nigel and Amanda understand this sentiment,
and it’s partially what draws them to Somalia. What do you make of the idea that bad news
would bring someone to a place? How can taking assignments in dangerous places help a
journalist’s career? How does it add to their storytelling?
6. How had Amanda’s previous experiences helped to deal with being kidnapped and her
7. Why does Amanda practice meditation?
8. How did Amanda’s personal background affect the way in which she viewed the world?
9. What would you have done in Amanda’s place to cope with the frustrations of
kidnapping? How did the usage of foreign language intensify the situation?
10. How did reading A House in the Sky change your understanding of the role of media,
and religion can play in a war-torn society? What surprised you most in your reading?
Comm 230 – International Communication
Dr. Muchtar
Novel: Lindsey Addario (2015). It’s what I do: A story of photographer’s life of love and
war. New York: Penguin Press. ISBN-13: 978-1594205378
Direction: Please answer the following questions and indicate where you find the
information in the novel. Do not copy her words, please use your own when you
explain the answers. Your answer for every number must be at least 5 full sentences.
1. Lindsey has visited more than a dozen countries; among others are Argentina, Peru,
Uruguay, Cuba, Mexico, Libya, Iraq, India, Turkey, Tunisia etc. Describe her
experiences in 3 different countries of your choices.
2. What was the reason why Lindsey wants to be a photo journalist and how did she learn
or develop photography skills?
3. How did she describe her work as a journalist and how did this work influence the way
she viewed different realities in the world?
4. How did she adapt to local culture in order to be accepted and get their sources of
information? How did she gain trust from her sources?
5. What are the roles of interpreter or fixers in assisting international journalists?
6. Describe how she viewed media censorship? How did she describe censorship from the
perspective of military and foreign government?
7. Describe what you think to be challenges that the author faced working as a female
8. What are some of the ways in which the author describes media in other countries?
9. Find out more about the culture and current situations of two countries that Lindsey
has visited (feel free to google the information, as long as you don’t copy and paste the
10. List three interesting things that you learn as a result of reading this book.
Comm 230 – International Communication
Dr. Muchtar
Direction: Please answer the following questions and indicate where you find the
information in the novel.
Part 1 (compulsory)
Please begin your book report with a brief summary (1 paragraph) of the novel.
Part II (culture) Please answer at least 5 questions in this section.
1. Seeing Frederic’s apartment for the first time and sharing their first at-home dinner, Sarah
Turnbull, influenced by her own Australian culture, makes certain assumption about the
French? Why and how does she modify these assumptions later on?
2. Explore the ways in which France and Australia are different but also similar. Are the
same differences/similarities applicable to France and America?
3. The author tells us, “The biggest shock during these first months is how different France
is from my romantic imaginings.” How did Sarah Turnbull envision France and what
does she conclude about the French?
4. Why is it so difficult for Sarah Turnbull to adapt to French ways? Why does she feel
5. What makes Sarah Turnbull realize she’ll never be French and never be fully integrated?
Have you had a similar experience?
6. How is Frederic’s reaction to Australia different from what Sarah Turnbull expected?
How are their roles reversed in Australia?
7. Why is the French approach to rules and regulations so difficult for a foreigner to
understand? How does Sarah Turnbull explain these?
8. How did the author compare the English language to the French language?
9. Based on the novel, describe how language used differently by the French and
10. How did Sarah describe the perception of French locals toward foreigners like her? To
what extend do you share the same perception toward foreigners in your country?
11. How did the author describe women’s rights and women’s roles in France?
III. Interpersonal Communication (Answer two questions from this section)
12. How does the fact that Frederic and Sarah speak different languages create
misunderstandings, sometimes hilarious? Have you ever experienced this?
13. What would you have done in Sarah’s place to cope with the frustrations of speaking in a
foreign language?
14. How did Sarah Turnbull’s style of communicating change after she lived in Paris for a
Media – Media (compulsory – please answer all questions)
15. How did she describe her work as a journalist and how it influenced the way she viewed
different reality in the world?
16. What are some of the ways in which the author describes French media? Based on your
reading, would you say that censorship is more prevalent than in the US? How would you
classify the French media based on the press theory? Please explain.
Closing – Reflection (Compulsory)
17. List three interesting things that you learn as a result of reading this book.
18. What changes would you like to bring about in the way you interact with foreigners?
Questions for Geography of Bliss
1. Please read at least 3 countries from the novel, then write a summary of those coutries.
Then, answer the following questions:
2. What do you think about countries that Weiner visited?
3. A few of the places mentioned in the book, such as Iceland and Thailand, seemed like
surprising places to find happiness. What do you think about Weinder’s description about
those places? Feel free to use external source/website to support your argument.
4. What locations around the world would you have assumed to be the happiest places?
5. After reading about Switzerland and Qatar, what do you think is Weiner’s conclusion
about the relationship of wealth and happiness?
6. If you were to visit any of the places mentioned in the book, where would you go—and
7. Do you think Eric Weiner achieved his goal to find the happiest places around the
8. What is your perception of happiness? How do you think you can achieve it?
COMM 230
Please read at least FOUR chapters from Postcards from Stanland book. Please see the
following direction:
• Summarize each chapters in 5 paragraphs minimum. Each paragraph has to
consist at least 6 sentences. You can choose to include what you understand most
from the selected chapter. Within the summary, include a narrative on how you
can relate the information to what Dr. Mould discussed in the book based on what
you knew from any classes that you have taken before or from your previous
travel experiences.

Then, write 2 paragraph summary based on those four chapters you have read.
Please emphasize on what you learn most from the reading.

Finally, please write ONE question that you’d like to ask to Dr. Mould if you
have a chance to read based on your reading.
Please write your book report with 12-font size and double space.
Table of Content

Travels in “Kyrzakhstan”
Sacred mountain and silly borders
How do you say “rump roast”?
Kasha, honor, dignity, and revolution
On and off the silk road
To be a Kazakh is to be “brave and free”
Father of apples
The President’s dream city
Coal and steel
No polygon, no problem
Wheat and oil
The seven lessons from Stanland.

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