ESL 106 Grossmont College When To Get Married Essay Read the two word documents that I sent. Two pages maximum, and if you have any question, just let me k

ESL 106 Grossmont College When To Get Married Essay Read the two word documents that I sent. Two pages maximum, and if you have any question, just let me know. Thank you in advance. HOMEWORK DIRECTIONS:
Persuasive — Article
1. Underline key ideas
2. On separate paper, write a 5-6 sentences of a summary of the article in your own words
3. Write 3 vocabulary words (words that are unknown to you) with definition in English
4. Write 2 thinking questions for each page of the article
We’ll use it on our next essay.
per page on the article.
When to Get Married
by Tim Donato
Are you thinking about getting married?
The average age for Americans getting married has reached a historic high — 27 for women and
29 for men.
While delaying marriage has advantages — a lower divorce rate, higher income for
women and fewer and less intense arguments between spouses — studies show there also may be
benefits to tying the knot younger. (However, there is such a thing as marrying too young.
Research shows that marriages beginning when a woman is 18 are twice as likely to end in
divorce as those beginning when she is 22.)
You grow together. It’s oft been noted that it’s more difficult to join two lives together when
each party has been living independently for a long time, than when a couple starts out life
together early on. There’s actually a neurological reason behind that observation.
Another of the unique aspects of the developing 20-something brain is that you can intentionally
shape its pathways so that they’re primed for future success in certain areas. During your
adolescence (which again, lasts until the mid-20s), your brain overproduces synapses; then, it
organizes and prunes this overabundance of neural pathways, getting rid of those not in use and
strengthening and stabilizing those that are — much like an arborist prunes dead branches off a
tree. What we don’t use, we lose. As a consequence, Jay explains: “We become what we hear
and see and do every day. We don’t become what we don’t hear and see and do every day.”
Before this cognitive rewiring process is complete, your brain is more flexible and pliable than it
will ever be again in your life. If what you’re seeing every day is your spouse, and what you’re
doing every day is working on a relationship with him or her, then the neural pathways you’ll
retain once your brain “hardens” will be forged in a way that is intertwined with hers, and
predisposed to support your togetherness.
When you delay marriage, not only do you become more set in your ways, but your brain’s a lot
more set too. It’s definitely still possible to hack relational “us” pathways through the abundance
of independent “me” trails that were deeply carved in one’s adolescence, it’s just harder to do.
You’ll have an easier time navigating your 20s, and can be more successful in reaching
your professional and academic goals. Your 20s can be a difficult time. You’re balancing
school and work, trying to get your finances in shape, working to get a handle on your new adult
responsibilities, and figuring out and launching your career. Having a spouse by your side during
this time can make your 20s easier and more successful in a couple key ways.
First, a spouse can be a vital support as you finish your schooling and embark on a career.
During my undergrad years, Kate edited my papers and helped me study for the LSAT. During
law school, she provided a much needed confidence boost when summer internship offers
weren’t extended, or when I didn’t perform well on a final exam. In turn, I acted as a sounding
board for Kate as she worked on her master’s thesis, helped her get organized and plan for her
first teaching job, and provided a helping hand when she got stressed during both pursuits. Could
we have made it through our 20s by ourselves? Sure. But having each other’s backs certainly
made it a lot easier.
Marriage also helps you reach your career and academic goals by providing stability and
fostering focus. Indeed, studies show that married men in their 20s drink less and work
harder than their single peers. That’s not to say that the fun times end once you get married
though. There’s a prevalent myth out there that early marriage will prevent you from doing fun
activities, like traveling the world or starting a business. On the contrary, having a spouse to
pursue these activities with can make such adventures both more enjoyable and easier to execute.
I traveled far more after I got married than I had as a single man. And what’s easier than having
the co-founder of your start-up living under the same roof as you?
Your financial picture may improve. A lot of folks put off marriage until they feel their
finances are solid, which in today’s world, is a goal that’s harder and harder to achieve. As we
saw above, financial issues can indeed put a strain on young marriages. Yet such challenges can
be handled with maturity, and what may be stressful in the short-term can work towards your
long-term interests.
Time is on your side with regard to starting a family at a young age, or you at least have the
option to give yourself some time in between each child. You can “afford” to invest in your
marriage before adding children to the picture. You’ll also be more likely to do responsible
things, like signing up for life insurance and investing your money.
As a young couple, your beginner budget may have you making smart money choices that stay
with you a lifetime. Couples whose weddings cost less than $10,000 are less likely to divorce.
When you have a spouse or family counting on you, you tend to drive safely, party less and take
care of yourself, as compared to young people who are single in their early 20s.
You’re more adaptable and adjusting when you’re young. There are more chances of your
marriage working when you’re tolerant and understanding towards each other. Once you’re
already well settled and have figured out everything on your own, it gets difficult for you to
make compromises and for someone else to adjust with you.
Whether you’re finishing school or breaking into your dream career, your 20s can be a volatile
time. But when you’ve learned early on what’s worth sacrificing for (say, one finishes college
while the other becomes the breadwinner, then you switch while the other cares for your
children), you’ll base decisions on what will benefit you individually and as a unit. In the end,
you’ll see how you wouldn’t have been able to achieve what you have without the other spouse’s
support. His successes are yours and yours are his, and that’s precisely the point of marriage.
The idea that getting married older is beneficial makes sense: It’s likely that older couples are
more financially stable, have a clearer sense of self and goals, and have spent enough
time dating to know what they really want.
Statistical trends do suggest that it’s best to wait a few years: Divorce is 50% less likely for
someone who is 25 years old when they wed, as compared to someone who gets married at age
20. Data from the Pew Research Center suggests that people who get hitched before they turn
23 are more likely to get divorced. Meanwhile, a 2008 Journal of Political Economy study found
that for every year you put off marriage, you face a lower risk of eventually getting divorced.
There’s no doubt your level of maturity could be a factor here, but education plays a role, too.
Putting off marriage until after you’ve received a college degree makes you less likely to divorce
than less-educated couples, according to a 2013 Family Relations study. So it seems that
marrying later in life—at least after college—may be beneficial.
Your early 20s are about self-indulgence.
You’re creating yourself. When you’re older, you know who you are and what you can offer a
partner. You know what you want in a partner. You’re not going to outgrow each other.
With age comes maturity and better communication skills.
Instead of fighting over little things or pushing issues under the rug, you know how to address
When you’re older, you’ve hopefully learned how to manage money.
Finances are a huge source of conflict for couples and a reason many young couples divorce.
Who wants to spend all their nights fighting about cash flow?
You’re more secure in your career in your late 20s
When you’re established in your career, this provides you the time and energy to focus on a
You’ve had time to live alone.
You’ve become a responsible adult, and have lived separate from your parents. You’re not
learning how to be on your own at the same time you’re adjusting to marriage.
You’ve found your voice.
In your early 20s, you’re facing pressure from friends, family, and society to follow the norm. In
your late 20s, you have the courage to stand up for yourself. And that will lead you to where you
should be and who’s supposed to accompany you on this life adventure.
tying the knot, get hitched
idioms for “getting married”
compromises – negotiate; agreement with each side giving up something
Outline for persuasive Essay
ESL 106
HOOK : (
Background info : (
Thesis : (there are many reasons let older people marriage is
PARAGRAPH #2 Relate reasons for your claim (exemplify=example,
fact, explain, paraphrase)
: Older couples have already maturity
a. communication skills, and address problems
b. journal of political economy study .
page 4/ rather than dispute over everything, you solve problems.
PARAGRAPH #3 Relate reasons for your claim (exemplify=example,
fact, explain, paraphrase)
: Elderly have financial support .
a. older couples more secure in their career.
b. Establish your career provides time and energy.
page 4/ Older couples set up their business, this give them power to live .
PARAGRAPH #4 Relate reasons for negative side (exemplify=example,
fact, explain)
the other hand
Summarize and include a call to action (what people should do)
Maturity, financial support these are the successful reasons why older couple’s
marriage is successful.
The following words are overused. Don’t use the following: (You want your paper to be more
bad, important
A lot of
(other words for THING: factor, example, reason, aspect, item, problem, difficulty
consequence, action, point, quality, development, effect, cause, issue, outcome, result, idea
Above all
First, Second, Third
First and foremost
All things considered
For this reason
No doubt
From here on
Of course
For instance
For example
On the other hand
About this outline:
I need you to write ( hook),( background as two or three sentences )
And mor details for ( thesis ).
Also I need explain for (c ) for each paragraph.
For ( page 4) it is the paraphrasing that I made . you should keep it ,and
I maintained in the article by paint the line in yellow , and of course
you should put the name of the author.
the negative side need everything ( example, fact, explain)

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