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This assignment is only based on responding to a post made by different students, you would only need to read the text, and respond to it, it could be either a feedback or just an explanation as per why you agree or disagree with them. Each text need a separate response and should be minimum of (150) per response.

week 1 post 1: Who Am I?

Each individual person has a different back round, family, race, gender, etc. As we begin developing from from toddlers to adolescents we begin to perceive life in a different ways. Erikson discusses the challenges adolescents, young, middle, and late adult while developing. “Persons who fail to develop a since of identity suffer from role confusion, or uncertainty about who they are or where they are going.”(Rathus, 2014). Which means in any walk of life someone can suffer from anxiety or depression and commit suicide. Kohlberg and Gilligan describe moral reasonings, emotions, and thinking. As we begin developing we get “gut feelings”, try to come up with solutions and figure life out on our own. During this time of someone’s life emotions could take over and begin to overwhelm that individual so much so that they could take their own life. Suicide is an act of giving up and no longer wanting to live life. Bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and postpartum depression are all forms of disorders/depression that could cause someone to take their own life. We must take a stand against suicide and start learning ways to help people suffering! As human beings we all need to learn the signs of help. “Better yet, help the person make an appointment for a psychological treatment.” (Kleiman, Miller, Riskind 2012).

week 1 post 2: Who Am I?

I think we all need to take some time to realize how bad suicide is. We all need to remember to respect one another and love one another for who each and every one of us is. Always try to be the sunshine in someones day. it might just change them forever! Kohlberg and Gilligan both described Moral reasoning through thinking and reasoning. “Once we begin to experience moral intuitions, we seek to explain them (Nucci & Gingo, 2011). Erikson went ahead to approach social influences that can have an impact on our younger generation “Many problems can stem from unclear standards about the role adolescents should play with society” (Coon, Mitterer) This particular section of his theory really stood out to me because i think it’s well known to the world today.I think that suicide is a big problem and we need to come together to end such a harsh way to end precious lives. I think that people should be more understanding and accept others for who they are. One kind word can make someone a whole new person. I think Kohlberg, Gilligan and Erikson made some great points in the reading. Each one had it’s share of bad and good points.

week 2 post 1: Opioid Use, Addiction, and Overdoses:

Overdosing, addictions and opioid use are a major problem here in the states, “The rate of death from overdoses of prescription opioids in the United States more than quadrupled between 1999 and 2010, far exceeding the combined death toll from cocaine and heroin overdoses” (2014 Massachussets Medical Society. All rights reserved). People can easily abuse a prescription drug and become addicted to it. In 2015, over 21 million Americans had a substance abuse disorder. Everett and Robins go on to say “The problem, of course, is that drug misuse and easily become drug abuse (Everitt & Robbins, 2016). If someone does not want to be open about something that’s going on, they will turn to prescription drugs. The drugs temporarily make them feel good, and its easy to become hooked on them. It’s easier to become addicted to a pill to make you feel good rather than go get help. This is a growing problem, and we need to promote help to anyone who needs it. These drugs make people feel temporarily good about themselves. They trigger a good feeling, “nearly all addictive drugs stimulate the brain’s reward circuitry, producing feelings of pleasure” (Kalat, 2016; Prus, 2014). As a result the reward pathway in the brain signals “That felt good”. “Lets do it again. Lets remember exactly how we did it.” This creates a compulsion to repeat the drug experience. It’s the hook that eventually snares the addict. (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2014). This is a major problem and we need to come together to help fix the fast growing problem.

week 2 post 2: Opioid Use, Addiction, and Overdoses:

This discussions is very interesting. I can say that its helping me really open my eyes and see what is really happening and its been happening for years.There is so many ways that opioids are affecting United States and much more than this. This is literally killing people. The sad part is that there is ones who know what they are doing but in the other side there is people who doesn’t know what they are really taking. Behind a strong headache they can take a pill from another person, or take an extra muscle relaxer. There is the other who get stuck on any if this drugs and kept doing it in the negative way so it can affect in a bad way even it could cause death. They can go to one point to the other pretty quick without even notice it. The problem is that drug misuse can easily become drug abuse (Everitt & Robbins, 2016). There is some treatments for help to get people out from addiction. There’s ibogaine that has been reported to have the ability to interrupt opioid addiction by simultaneously mitigating withdrawal and craving symptoms (Dolan, 2018). All the excess are bad for you. If one of my friends or family member is struggling with opioid addiction I would try to recommend to always use the prescribe dose from the doctor, never use other person medication, try to buy over the counter painkiller instead of the drugs, and I think the most important advice that we should all do is to exercise.

week 3 post 1:Sex Education in Schools

I find this discussion to be very relevant as we strive to make progress yet retain traditional values. I read an article from the Keiser Library titled, “Just the Facts? The Separation of Sex Education from Moral Education” by Sharon Lamb. I was surprised to learn that sex education began in 1913 and by 1920, about 40% of schools offered some form of it in academic schools. There are 2 main views being considered; Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage (AOUM) and (CSE) Comprehensive Sexuality Education (Lamb, 2013). To my way of thinking, sexual education should be taught in school but only in the most clinical manner; topics like, how pregnancy happens and when, sexually transmitted diseases, menstruation, etc. I feel parents should absolutely be the ones teaching their children the morality side, such as when to become active and what it should mean to you. However, not all parents want to cover this topic or make the time to do so out of embarrassment or ignorance. My parents never discussed anything at all with me, but I got the message loud and clear from my school as I attended a private, Christian school. After reading this article, I think both AOUM and CSE each have their good and bad points. I’m told by my students’ parents that they consider this part of education when they are deciding whether to choose public or private school options. I imagine this debate will not be resolved anytime soon.

week 3 post 2:Sex Education in Schools

I think schools should be able to teach more then just the basic of sex education. When in high school my sex ed class was one of my most awkwardest classes to ever be in, I mean using a banana was really the weirdest thing’s to watch. I feel like school’s should be able to teach more then just the basics on it, and be able to give them for fact’s more images, maybe have some one to come in and also talk to kid’s about STD and safe sex. I believe parent’s should sit down and be more open about safer sex and answer any questions the child has about sex and give them examples about what unsafe sex can lead to. Many parents don’t know how to talk to there kids about sex, and that is when I think the school should step up and have the resources to be able to talk to kids who’s parents don’t feel comfortable talking to them. The school, I believe is one of the most important in teaching in the sex ed, and teaching about disease, and how to have safe sex and to get checked when you start having sex, if you think about it some kids raise them selves, so who else is going to teach them?

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