SYG 4119 CBE Rasmussen College Statement on Evolution of Language Essay Instructions You have recently started working for a local department store in the

SYG 4119 CBE Rasmussen College Statement on Evolution of Language Essay Instructions

You have recently started working for a local department store in the Operations Department. You have always had a passion for communication and technology, and at your new store, you quickly realize that their methods of communication and their technological resources are outdated. You have worked retail for many years and over time have realized that there are many gaps and differences in the way that people communicate and the forms of technology that they are comfortable with. This applies to both your customers and your colleagues.

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SYG 4119 CBE Rasmussen College Statement on Evolution of Language Essay Instructions You have recently started working for a local department store in the
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Because you feel that this is an area of expertise for you, you approach your supervisor and begin a discussion about communication changes and gaps in communication in conjunction with the technological changes that have happened over the last several decades. You and your supervisor discuss the best ways for your store to understand various communication methods and the gaps that exist in communication among your consumers and colleagues.

You volunteer to put together a written summary of broad spectrum changes in technology and the resulting changes in communication methods and gaps in communication. Your supervisor loves this idea. He does ask, however, that the information be presented in the form of a pamphlet or written statement that can be both presented to staff and handed out by Human Resources as a training tool for employee relations.

You are encouraged to provide as many examples of changes to communication methods that you can come up with. Also consider many different gaps in communication such as generational differences, differences in socioeconomic status, the region the people live in, interest in technology, setting in which you are communicating in (personal versus professional), etc. After considering these issues, your supervisor would like you to present some ideas as to how your store can bridge communication gaps between colleagues and with your customers.

For this written summary, you are to reflect upon and address the following information:

Consider various methods of communication, types of technology that can assist in communication, and other factors involving technology that may impact or change communication.
Consider several factors that impact access to communication in society. Some possible are socioeconomic status, access to technological resources, generational differences, differences in intellect, etc.
How have online environments and technological growth impacted how society communicates on both personal and professional levels? Be sure to provide specific examples of both.
How do changes in methods of communication create communication gaps in our society?
What are some ways that society can bridge communication gaps that happen as a result of technological growth? SYG4119 Del 5 Material
How Communication Has
Changed Due to
Technological Advances
Since the beginning our existence, humans have been communicating
with each other. Some methods of communication are considered quite
primitive, and some are now considered to be very advanced.
Historically, most types of communication meant that people needed to
be in the same place, even if they were not there at the same time. This
goes back to the days when individuals would etch drawings into stone
or on cave walls. They may or may not have been directly
communicating with someone who was with them, but even after they
had moved on, people who followed could read their messages. Also, in
early generations, people were able to write letters to others using a quill
and ink. Letters would have to go through the postal service; and prior to
modern transportation such as planes and automobiles. Delivery would
sometimes take days, weeks, or longer.
As time went on and inventors began to make equipment that made
communication easier, machines were developed such as printing
presses and typewriters. These allowed for printed media to be
produced, and even mass-produced, as technology evolved. Typewriters
allowed for people to write messages and other documents in typed print
as opposed to by hand, which was potentially more difficult to read and
more laborious for the author.
In the mid-1800s, there was a group of men who invented a method of
communication known as the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell is
known as the father of the telephone because he designed the concept
of a telephone. Telephones have undergone many technological
advances over time. The telephone is now one of our most common
methods of communication. We have progressed from an expensive
service that was only available to some, to party-line systems of calling,
to rotary phones plugged into a wall, and now to cellular phones that are
portable, battery operable, and can be used anywhere.
Combined with telephone technology, advances in computer technology
have helped us to communicate more efficiently. Computers used to be
bulky and slow-operating machines that were used for practical business
purposes or cryptic games. Eventually, with the addition of the Internet in
the late 1900s, computers became an important tool for communication.
The Internet offered the opportunity to communicate virtually with people
via email. Computers have evolved to be slim, sleek, and portable
machines that are used not only for business or educational purposes,
but are what many consider to be a critical part of their ability to function
daily. Many people store databases of their personal and important
information so that it is safe and easily accessible, as opposed to
keeping things on paper or in filing cabinets.
Now, we have phones and computers combined. We call them
smartphones. These are cellular phones that can access the Internet and
allow for information acquisition or communication via various methods at
the push of a button. Smartphones have applications that allow face-toface video calls (Facetime, for example) and they also have access to
the Internet. Having instantaneous access to the Internet has helped our
society have more immediate access to information. We can Google
something and find information about any topic imaginable, whereas in
the past, we would have to go to a library and research or look at
encyclopedias, etc.
These are just a few of the technological advances that have helped
communication change and become more efficient throughout our
history. The number of advances that have enhanced our society are
virtually countless.
Modern Gaps in
As with many other things in our society, communication styles and
methods vary between generations, and between individuals of various
socioeconomic status, race, sex, ethnic group, etc. At any given time in
society, there are people from multiple different generations and social
classes interacting. Due to the technological advances that occur each
day, some individuals grow up more familiar with the devices and
technologies that are available. People from earlier generations or from
underdeveloped societies, for example, have not been exposed to more
modern technological advances until later in life, generally making them
less familiar and potentially less comfortable using various methods of
As we have discussed in previous modules, communication in previous
centuries included either face-to-face communication or writing letters
and sending them through the postal service, or what we now today call
“snail mail.” Eventually, with the creation of the telephone, people were
able to communicate with others, near and far, simply by dialing their
phone. Over time, this method of communication has become more
efficient and significantly cheaper, but when it was brand new, it really
opened up opportunities for people to stay connected to others
regardless of distance.
The changes in the way that people communicate really arrived in more
recent decades with the advances in phones and the movement toward
the use of cellular technology and Internet communications. The current
trend in society is that people stick with what they are most familiar with.
Some individual’s adaptation to modern technological advances may be
slower than those who are immersed in it from early in life. Some
individuals may still have landline phone systems in their home, and
many may not have a cellular phone that they use when they are away
from home. Individuals who have always had access to Internet and
computer technology and have used it since they were born are likely to
have smartphones with Internet accessibility. They probably do not even
have landline phones in their home. Many rely solely on their cellular
phone. Cellular phones are also now equipped with applications that
allow for face-to-face communication, such as Facetime and Skype.
When not communicating by phone, people of all generations in today’s
society are likely to communicate via text messaging on their phone, or
via email on their phone or computer. While there continue to be
individuals of all ages who prefer landline phones and pen-and-paper
communication, they increasingly becoming an exception instead of the
As alluded to a bit earlier in this module, there are several reasons why
there may be differences in the way that people communicate. In addition
to generational gaps, there are also communication gaps due to
socioeconomic status, personal preferences, and available access to
technology. One must have access to the technology available, and the
ability to acquire it or that individual will not be able to benefit from it. An
example of this may be people in underdeveloped societies that do not
have knowledge of or access to the technologies available. Also, there
are people of all generations and levels of financial resources that simply
prefer not to utilize cell phones or modern technologies.
It stands to reason, however, that as the technology of the time is taught
to people, regardless of age, social status, etc., they are savvier as
compared to those not exposed. If everyone had equal access to the
technology enjoyed by today’s society, they would likely use it as well.
The bottom line is that we are comfortable with what we have always
known. Humans are creatures of habit, and this is clearly seen through
our methods of communication.

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