UNC Rational Inequality in the Eastern Carolina Organics Company Paper This is the 3rd and last paper! Going off the last two papers! Here is a video of th

UNC Rational Inequality in the Eastern Carolina Organics Company Paper This is the 3rd and last paper! Going off the last two papers! Here is a video of the instructions from the professor:I attached additional info as well as the last two papers for reference. Let me know if you have any questions Instructions for Inequality paper (paper number 3):
For your third paper you are going to apply the concepts we are learning about from the Relational
Inequalities book to what you have learned about your organizations. This means you will either collect
some new (not required, and please remember your safety and health is top priority) or take a look at
your previously collected data on this organization and note instances of exploitation, social closure, and
relational claims making. I want you to show that you are able to correctly identify these processes as
they exist in the real world and say something about what that means from your organization.
You can concentrate on either these processes occurring within the organization irrespective of
environmental issues (what you looked at mainly for paper one), or you can concentrate on your
organization’s environment (what you looked at for paper two). But, you must give examples that show
at least one part of each. For some of you it might make more sense to concentrate on one or the other,
or it might be more difficult to observe one or the other. In any case, both must be represented, at least
to some small degree.
Remember the importance of categories in this theory. Durable categories such as gender, race,
ethnicity, and citizenship are often of vital importance, but within your organization (or its field) there
might be varying salience of these categories and extreme importance of others. The importance of
these categories (both the durable ones and the ones that are important for your organization) is often
taken for granted as they appear to operate in the way that they do naturally, and without human
interference. It is your job as an analyst to look past this taken for grantedness.
Good luck and please contact me with any questions whatsoever. Standard formatting and length and
such as the last papers.
Eastern Carolina Organics
Eastern Carolina Organics is a wholesale produce distributor located in Durham. The
organization has a robust formal structure, control mechanisms, and coordination to enhance
their success. It mainly focuses on marketing and selling foodservice organic products to retailers
and foodservice customers’ in the regions they operate in. It was founded in the year 2004, and
since then, it has grown to be one of the largest corporations in the area (Karst, 2019). One of the
missions is to help farmers who produce organic foods access the market. They also try as much
as possible to provide high quality and sustainable food to the community, and in the process,
they end up enhancing their livelihood. I had a visit to the organization’s offices in Durham with
the aim of learning their formal structure and how various aspects coordinate to ensure that it
achieves its objectives (Karst, 2019). After observing all the activities taking place in the
organization, I concluded that the operative goals matched with the company’s mission. They
branded and marketed the organic products from the perspective of their farmers, and this
strategy substantially increases the market base for their produce. It was also determined that
they distributed the produces to the nearby markets, and this broadens the scope of their reach
and the ability of their products to be available to a broader customer base.
The organization has a structure whereby the members have clearly-defined roles. The
management has been accorded the mandates of controlling all the activities that take place in
the organization. According to my observations, the management was responsible for ensuring
that all the other stakeholders in the company carried out their mandates diligently. The farmers,
on the other hand, were responsible for producing the foodstuffs, which were supposed to be of
high quality. There was also a set of a warehouse whereby there was quality control personnel
given the duties of establishing whether the products availed matched the demands by the
market. Some people were supposed to carry out packaging and branding the products. Also,
there was a department supposed to receive orders from the clients. The distributors were given
the role of ensuring that the commodities were supplied to the customers. There were other
dockets in the organization, such as the finance department that handled all the financial works,
the logistic personnel who were supposed to manage all the activities revolving warehousing,
and a customer care section to handle issues relating to customers.
The Eastern Carolina Organics Company focuses on availing high-quality organic food to
the people. The organization receives its inputs as fresh farm products directly from the farmers.
The farmers are supposed to be a part of the corporation. They grow their products utilizing
organic ways, particularly by employing organic manure instead of synthetic fertilizers. The
produces are then warehoused in the organization pending their delivery to the customers. In the
warehouse, they are investigated for quality, whereby only the products that match the consistent
quality are allowed to the market. There is also branding and packaging on the company
premises, whereby they are wrapped in material that contains the firm’s logo. They are then
stored in conducive conditions, which will ensure that they last for a relatively long period. The
packaged and branded products are then availed to the clients for consumption. However, there
are foodstuffs that go bad in the facility due to factors such as being in the organization for a
relatively long period and being mishandled by those accorded the duty of warehousing. Others
are of poor quality; hence they cannot be availed to the market. All these food commodities that
have gone bad are then availed to the farmers to act as a source of organic manure.
Coordination is an important concept in the operation of the company since it helps in
ensuring that they maintain the quality of the products they avail. The different types of control
are employed in the organization to ensure that they are able to meet their objectives. For
instance, there is the use of direct control, which entails the use of supervisors and other people
in authority to ensure all the sectors in the organization fulfill their mandates. The use of quality
control personnel aims at controlling the status of the farm products meets the necessary
standards. There are also supervisors in the facility tasked with the responsibilities of overseeing
the branding and packaging, thus ensuring that all the procedures are undertaken properly. There
is also the use of bureaucratic control, which entails the use of formal rules. For a grower to be
allowed to avail products to the organization, he or she is supposed to be a certified organic
farmer. This discourages other farm producers who utilize synthetic production techniques from
carrying out business with the organization. There is also the application of technological control
to ensure coordination. In the quality control area, there is technological equipment installed to
assess whether the product meets the required standards. The organization is also able to control
all the personnel in the facility by providing incentives to help ensure that all the players
contribute towards meeting the company’s objectives. The incentives include good returns on
farmers who supply the products, relatively high salaries to all the employees in the organization,
and other privileges. There is also the use of normative control, which involves creating an
organizational culture whereby people follow the ideologies and values without necessarily
being bossed around (Karst, 2019). The company is established on the idea of the production of
organic farm products. However, most of the control measures are focused on the farmers, the
warehousing department, and the quality control sector. For farmers, they are supposed to
produce products that 100% organic.
Karst, T. (2019). Eastern Carolina Organics rebrands as Happy Dirt. Retrieved from The
Parker: https://www.thepacker.com/article/eastern-carolina-organics-rebrands-happy-dirt
Eastern Carolina Organics Organization’s Environment
Eastern Carolina Organics is an organization located in Durham and specializes in
supplying fresh farm products to restaurants and foodservice customers. The internal and
external environmental elements help in controlling the activities that the firm participates in.
It also makes it possible for the necessary resources to enhance their productions. The
internal environment refers to the resources within the organization, such as employees,
technology, and other aspects employed in production. The external environment involves the
factors outside the firm that regulates its actions, avails raw materials for processing, and also
provides opportunities for the growth of the Eastern Carolina Organics Corporation. The
environment plays a critical role in determining the production techniques employed. The
organization, on the other hand, has several impacts on the environment. Eastern Carolina
Organics Company uses strategies that will ensure they reap significant benefits from the
environment and make sure they enhance the wellbeing of the environment positively.
Human resource is an example of an environmental factor that is utilized by the
organization to try and achieve their objectives. There are people allocated in different sectors
of the production activities such as farmers, the quality officers, workers in the warehousing
department, the workforce in the packaging, the management, and the distributors. The
farmers are responsible for producing farm products through organic means. The quality
control personnel are responsible for ensuring that all the products available to the customers
are of the right quality. Those working in the warehousing and packaging department are
responsible for handling the farm goods while on the organization’s premises. They help in
the storage of the produces to prevent them from going bad and also ensures that the products
are wrapped and branded. The management is responsible for monitoring and controlling all
the activities in the firm. They also stipulate the policies to be employed and come up with
techniques that will increase productivity. The distributors are responsible for the
transportation of the products to potential customers. There is other personnel within the
organization, such as financial personnel and marketers. The organization, on the other hand,
avails income to human resources in terms of salaries, wages, and revenue. It also helps in
searching for a market for the farmers.
Technology is yet another environmental component that is applied in the
organization to enhance production. It entails the use of knowledge and know-how in
production hence increasing efficiency and productivity. For instance, the company has
specific equipment that is used in the packaging department. They are designed in such a way
that they wrap the products in the relevant packages and also brands them with the
organization logo. Technology is also applied in the data storage and communication sectors.
The sharing of information within the Eastern Carolina Organics Company is computerized
hence simple and efficient. The data are stored in the organization’s servers and are entered
through the computers. There is also the application of high technological devices in
warehousing, which ensures that the organic farm produces can stay fresh for a relatively
long. Technology within Eastern Carolina Organics Corporation helps in providing an
effective flow of processes within the organization, make it easy to share information, and
enhance the durability of the products stocked. The company, on the other hand, engages in
intensive research to improve its technological environment.
Physical resources are other elements of the organizational environment that is
utilized in Eastern Carolina Organics Company. It includes the lands and buildings the firm
owns, the machinery and devices, and the warehouses. The land is an essential asset for the
corporation since it is where the farmers registered by the company grow their produces using
organic manure. The buildings are the locations whereby various activities such as packaging,
quality assessment, warehousing, and control happens. The organization also utilizes lorries
and trucks to transport their commodities to the market. The warehouse and storage
equipment are other physical resources present in the company. The physical environment
acts as a source of the raw materials and also helps in the production, transport, and storage
sectors. The firm, on the other hand, avails organic fertilizers to the farmers hence improving
the fertility of the land where farming takes place. Controlling the farming activities also
helps in maintaining the productivity of the farms. Regular services are done to the buildings,
the warehouse, the storage equipment, and the transportation trucks.
There also exist external factors that affect the operations, performance, and resources
of the Eastern Carolina Organics Company. They entail all the elements outside the
organization and have the ability to impact the firm in various ways. Such components
include the competitors, the community upon which the organization is based, the regulations
enacted by the government, customers, suppliers, and the economic environment. The
competitors act as a source of competition to the firm hence inspiring them to be innovative
and creative in production techniques employed. The community act as a source of
employees and avails regulations to control production activities. The firm, on the other hand,
enacts development in society and also acts as a source of employment for its members. The
regulations act as control mechanisms by the government and help in ensuring that all the
activities the corporation engages in are in line with the stipulated legal requirements. The
customers act as the market for the company’s products, thus acting as a source of income
whereby the firm avails high quality and organic products to its clients. The suppliers avail
resources and raw materials to the organization, which in turn purchases them acting as a
source of revenue for the suppliers. The external environment controls the production
activities and avails other resources to the firm.
Interview Questions
➢ What are the internal factors in the Organics Carolina Organics Company that
enhanced the production processes?
➢ What are the external factors that control the production activities of the organization
and also act as a source of resources?
➢ What are some of the examples of human resources in the Eastern Carolina Organics
➢ Describe how the human resources impact production and the effects that the
organization has on them?
➢ Describe the technological and physical factors that are utilized by the firm in its
production activities and their impacts.
➢ How do the organization and the community where it is situated benefit each other?
➢ Explain the roles of suppliers and customers to Eastern Carolina Organics
Corporation and how the firm enhances their wellbeing.
➢ What is the role of government in the operations of the firm?
➢ How do competitors affect the strategies utilized in the organization?

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UNC Rational Inequality in the Eastern Carolina Organics Company Paper This is the 3rd and last paper! Going off the last two papers! Here is a video of th
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