University of Nairobi Basic Data Analytics Methods Using R Discussion Explain Data Analytics Lifecycle Discuss the Basic Data Analytics Methods Using R: Un

University of Nairobi Basic Data Analytics Methods Using R Discussion Explain Data Analytics Lifecycle
Discuss the Basic Data Analytics Methods Using R:
Understand the Basic Concepts of Classification, Clustering and Association Algorithms:

1. This week reading assignment is the course textbook chapter 2 (EMC Education Service (Eds). (2015) Data Science and Big Data Analytics: Discovering, Analyzing, Visualizing, and Presenting Data, Indianapolis, IN: John Wiley & Sons, Inc).

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University of Nairobi Basic Data Analytics Methods Using R Discussion Explain Data Analytics Lifecycle Discuss the Basic Data Analytics Methods Using R: Un
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2. Read:…

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This week assignments, due date, format and grading percent are shown in the table below.

Data mining is a complex process that aims to discover patterns in large data sets starting from a collection of existing data. In my opinion, data mining contains four main steps:

Collecting data: This is a complex step, I will assume we have already gotten the datasets.
Pre-processing: In this step, we need to try to understand your data, remove or reduce noise, do dimension reduction and select proper predictors etc.
Feeding data mining: In this step, we need to use your data to feed your model.
Post-processing: In this step, we need to interpret and evaluate your model.

Classification algorithms predict one or more discrete variables, based on the other attributes in the dataset.

Regression algorithms predict one or more continuous numeric variables, such as profit or loss, based on other attributes in the dataset.

Segmentation/Clustering algorithms divide data into groups, or clusters, of items that have similar properties.

Association algorithms find correlations between different attributes in a dataset. The most common application of this kind of algorithm is for creating association rules, which can be used in a market basket analysis.

Sequence analysis algorithms summarize frequent sequences or episodes in data, such as a series of clicks in a web site, or a series of log events preceding machine maintenance.

1. Read Chapter 2 of Data Science and Big Data Analytics: Discovering, Analyzing, Visualizing and Presenting Data, EMC Education Services (Editor)ISBN: 978-1-118-87613-8 January 2015.

2. Read:…

3. Read…

DataOps is NOT Just DevOps for Data Christiana Care
Competition, Marketing Mix, and Pricing
Andrea Roberts
Professor Hwangji Lu
August 25, 2019
Christiana Care
Competition, Marketing Mix, and Pricing
When life throws its punches, the journey to healing begins with hope. (Christiana care
Inc.). The health insurance profession is the bedrock of health system care that plays a great part
in consumer wellbeing and health status. In this paper, I will exclusively explain the role that
insurance companies plays in the consumer well-being and satisfaction in provision of best
marketing mix and price. I will put into consideration Christiana care which was recently ranked
among the top in U.S .Some minor values can have an effect on the performance of a company,
internal and external environment are key factors that determine how well a company grows and
is integral in its development. Marketing planning starts with designing an offering to meet target
customers’ needs in a bid to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved. The consumer rates the
offered services using basic elements including: product features, quality, services mix, and
price. In this chapter, explained above we clearly examine the products— we put into
consideration “4 Ps” (product, price, place, and promotion). The products must be availed at the
right time and place and be at least affordable. The customers should have a wide and vast
awareness of the products and find it acceptable1.
Price is the single marketing element that results in revenue; the change in price affects
both the income and customer turn up, thus price is more easily adjusted to fit the consumer
wants and the market demands, because of the presence of health insurance, until recently
consumers have been shielded from price concerns.
Patients re now fully involved in seeking to know the medical prices due to increased expenses.
growth in technologies has caused a drift in consumer price as they are able to compare prices
all. At the same time, computer technology makes it easier for sellers to use software that
monitors customers’ movements over the Web and allows them to customize offers and prices1.
Christiana Care
Characteristics of Users of Products and Services
Christiana care has developed new center for hope and healing which will help some of the most
vulnerable members of the society improve their medical and behavioral health while addressing
social barriers that can undermine their success, this is a great step towards dominating the
medical service provision market.
Patients purchasing services should be provided with information regarding the usage and its side
effects, since services differ due to geographical location and other factors, this companies
should improve its service delivery strategies to clearly focus on provision of better health care.
In this case I will consider Christiana care as the medical health delivery company, as private
company; Christiana care will ensure steady growth and improvement in its strategies buy
shifting its focus to individuals having chronic and deadly diseases particularly those aging into
or already in Medicare Advantage and dual eligible plans. More than 85% of seniors having at
least one chronic condition and 65 percent having multiple chronic conditions have widely
grown hence the increased need to focus on it. To ensure the strategy is attained, Christiana care
aims at developing its employer patient group focus, to continue growing the customer
relationship and trust, while leveraging its services and prices. These are key drivers to enabling
more affordable healthcare for consumers and facilitating higher Star quality ratings, while also
improving financial performance.
About 12 percent of adults who lacked a clear medical plan were dissatisfied since they
were limited to small all rather few service choices. The construction of Christiana care Centre of
hope has been of great success, this unique, comprehensive approach to health supports patients
who struggle with significant mental illness as well as chronic medical condition
Christiana Care
Analysis of Environment and Recommended Course of Action
Christiana care needs to continue capitalizing on the market by building plans for the aging and
less privileged or disabled patients , bearing in mind its suitability and its effective customer
service that help it thrive in the market industry and stand out Christiana care should ensure
affordability of their plan and increase consumer participation. Based on Kaiser Family
Foundation there is a challenge to individuals enjoying dual plans eligibility, these “dualeligible” individuals often are some of most often the vulnerable population.
These individuals majorly include the low-income seniors and younger people with
significant disabilities. With the strengths possessed by Christiana care over others it will thrive
well in the market.
Tools of the Marketing Mix
Commercial insurance, Medicare and Medicaid programs have well fitted into the health
concepts since its start. Under the Affordable Care Act, values such as reinsurance, risk corridors
and risk adjustment collectively known as the 3Rs were included to ensure there’s is reduced
consumer exploitation and to maintain the suitability of their plans. The 3Rs have been made
based on past experiences encountered especially in the Medicare drug program done earlier in
Reinsurance: this programs time come to a halt in 2016, which in its all plans were assessed
annual fees that in turn were used to limit some plans’ exposure to the very high costs associated
with caring for the sickest enrollees in the individual market.
Risk corridors: It also expired in 2016 in this program health plans and the federal government
used a risk-sharing arrangement that shielded consumers from possible spikes in premiums in
cases where premium collections fell short of projected medical expense targets.
Christiana Care
Risk adjustment: Unlike reinsurance and risk corridors, this is a permanent program. A risk
calculation helps to spread risk among all health plans to protect those that enroll
disproportionately higher-cost people, such as those with chronic diseases and other complex
medical conditions.
The 3Rs ensured total stability and effectively monitor risk taking in the industry. The stability
and predictability afforded by such tools are needed to prevent the possibility of consumers
facing higher premiums and fewer coverage choices in the future2.
Best Possible Pricing Strategy
Most individual should start planning of a medical plan when they retire4. Ensuring that
all the information and tools is availed to consumers can help patients plan and manage their
daily expenses on medical care medical bills can heavily have an adverse effect on the economic
plan of an individual, knowing these medical plans is vital in ensuring a stable option is selected
to help you fit into your retirement plan2.
By addressing both medical and non-medical needs that can be a stumbling block for a
way better health, this innovative Centre will play a vital role in ensuring health services are
reached. Considering all aspects, the competitor of Christiana care is like a dictator to
democracy, it doesn’t mix. Christiana care clearly distinguishes its dangers alongside qualities,
their flaws and weaknesses and capitalize on market gaps this information is top class and
incomparable as far as Christiana care is considered as the best market and consumer blend and
effectively working towards achieving their end goal. Change is continually going to happen and
more innovation will be created.
Christiana Care
We understand the challenges that our patients face, and we are here to walk them every
step of the way on the road to meeting their health goals3.
Inconclusion, external environment is a threat to any business, thus a company should
clearly outline its outflows and strengths this is most useful in making right marketing mix in
order to remain a top healthcare provider. Innovation will continue and change is inevitable. To
ensure they play it right then they must up their game as always.
Christiana Care
1. Kotler, P., Shalowitz, J., Stevens, R, 2008, Strategic marketing for health care organizations,
2. Christiana care, 2018, What tools can help with the cost of healthcare in retirement?,
3. Linda J. Lang, M.D, 2019, Christiana Care Health System,
4. Christiana care, 2017, Market Stability, https://www.Christiana
School of Computer &
Information Sciences
ITS836 Data Science and Big Data Analytics
ITS 836
”R for Data Science” 5 Modules
I Explore
II Wrangle
III Program
IV Model
R for Data Science, Garrett Grolemund & Hadley Wickham
ITS 836
V Communicate
10 Tibble
11 Data Import
12 Tidy Data
12.6 Case Study
ITS 836
Homework Exercise Submission
• Share the code (copy to powerpoint)
• Plots in powerpoint format
– Use existing ppt slide format
– Put the exercise number in title
• Put your name and id number
• Upload
ITS 836
ITS 836
R Basics
• objects
• naming
• assignment
• functions
• workspace
• history
• names
• types of objects: vector, factor, array,
matrix, data.frame, ts, list
• attributes
– mode: numeric, character, complex, logical
– length: number of elements in object
• creation
– assign a value
– create a blank object
ITS 836

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